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867 & 869 BROADWAY

This is how 18th Street & Broadway looked in the 1870's. Part of Howell's studio sign (at the address of 867 & 869) can be seen to the far left (red arrow).  It fully read "Howell's Photographic Art Studio". The imposing five-story marble Hoyt Building across the street (871-873) is still standing as is the flag-flying Lord & Taylor's building in the distance. Horse-drawn trolley cars and omnibuses both had scheduled runs along Broadway. The cost was 5 cents a ride.

The photograph above shows the Hoyt Building at 18th Street and Broadway. Howell's studio was three doors down in the direction of the red arrow.


View looking up Broadway from 17th Street.  Howell's building at arrow.

View as seen today, from approximately the same location.  Little has changed in over 100 years.